Idea Design & Mockups

We will create the framework of your project

It is easy to conceive an idea, but difficult to make it a reality. All projects start with a mock-up, allowing you to take your first real look at your vision. Ingenious Zone achieves this by working closely with you to create a fully-customized wireframe, allowing you to modify the schematics as and when necessary.

A wireframe is essentially a rough outline of your project, without the finer details of the final product. This is the foundation of any application, a blueprint that will enable you to examine your product in a way that is simply not possible on paper. While a wireframe is useful for laying out the basic design elements, a mock-up will build on those aspects and give you an idea of the finished software.

Wireframes and mock-ups are important steps in the design process. A flexible solution, it utilizes minimal resources to form a visual representation, without committing to a specific layout or design. This will allow you to experiment with different approaches, to develop a product of the highest quality.

At this stage, Ingenious Zone will analyse your ideas and create an initial prototype, troubleshooting any problems that may arise. You will be able to interact with key functions, as we fine-tune the mock-up. We believe in the importance of communication, and any feedback will be carefully considered and incorporated.

Besides software and applications, websites can also benefit immensely from mock-ups as well. Business websites are digital storefronts for companies, and as such are design-orientated. Explore your options and calibrate the webpage to suit your company’s needs, constructing a unique digital identity that will make a great first impression with your potential clients.

Our goal is to ascertain that you are getting the best possible design for your application or website. All great ideas start from somewhere, and there is no better way to begin than with a wireframe. We will present you with a wide range of options to choose from, and design a prototype based on your specifications. In our hands, your project will be on the fast track, from idea to conceptualization.