Ingenious Zone is a digital design and innovation company with a focus on application solutions for startups. We are helping startups and businesses to innovate, build prototypes, and maintain their ideas and products. We have successfully delivered on-demand solutions for enterprise, mobile, web, desktop, and social media as well as helped many startups to build products and solutions for their niche markets based upon their innovative ideas. We partner with our customers through our strengths including vast technical experience, strong analytical skills and iterative development process.

Founded in 2006, with a focus on providing best quality and timely delivery of IT services in various domains. We are operating in 4 continents with our diverse services and product portfolio. Ingenious Zone has passion to succeed with experience, expertise, highly qualified and honest team.

Ingenious Zone have a diverse clientele from large enterprises to startups. Our clients prefer us due to Innovation, quick understanding of their business needs, deep knowledge of technologies, high quality standards, and still affordable within their budgets.


Leadership Team

Our Values

Clients’ Success is our Primary Concern:

We care and work for client’s business success and devise plans to translate their themes into reality in the best possible manner. Our clients’ success is our real achievement. On or part, we are always keen to materialize it. Our relationship with our clients is based on openness, confidence, mutual respect and truthfulness.

Honesty & Integrity, Our leading working principles:

We are determined to observe professional ethics and standards of high moral values in dealing with our worthy clients as well as marketing our products and services globally. Integrity is practiced in letter and in spirit to accomplish all tasks. Fairness and transparency remain necessary elements throughout our operations.We honor our commitments and maintain it as our tradition.

Transforming Expectations into Reality:

For each project, we set high goals and combine all the possible means at our end to achieve targets, assigned to us.We aim at excellence; yet remain committed for engaging the latest innovations and resorting to more creative ideas as well as means to execute them.

Innovation & Individuality:

Our innovative approach leads us to maintain our individuality and uniqueness. We strive to ace our competitors with better styles and enhanced results. We appreciate positive initiatives among our employs and encourage them to invoke their innovative spirit in work. Ingenuity remains one of our core values.

Accountability Factor:

We are accountable and admit our mistakes with open heart. We take it positively as a learning process. However it is our value of openness to criticism. Our chief objective to determine these values is to give the best return to our customer’s investment as we believe; our client is investing both time and money, so we would not let it go waste.

Our Clients